• Tamba Bottle

    Take your healthful water to-go with the Tamba Bottle. This 20 oz leak proof water bottle will keep you hydrated anytime, anywhere.


  • Tamba Cup

    Referred to as a “Tumbler” in certain parts of India, the Tamba Cup expresses simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. The Cup holds about 8 fl.oz of water.


  • Tamba Lid

    Keep impurities out of your water with the Tamba Lid. Perfect fit for a Tamba Lota.


  • Tamba Lota

    Add a touch of tradition to any setting with the Tamba Lota. A staple in many homes throughout India, the Lota is similar to the Kamandalam used by yogis. The Lota holds over 16 fl.oz of water.


  • Tamba Mod

    Ancient tradition for a modern life, the Tamba Mod is the perfect balance of old meets new. This copper mugs also known as Mod holds about 8 fl.oz of water.


  • Tamba Pani Jug

    The ayurveda copper jug with lid, is perfect for bringing the wonderful health benefits of copper to your entire family. The ayurveda water pitcher is available in 42 fl.oz and 54 fl.oz.