Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Tamba™ different from other copper cups?

The Tamba™ has been clinically tested for quality and purity, and the copper is designed for Ayurvedic health practices. Tamba™ is made of the highest grade of copper, with over 96% purity and the remainder, zinc. The zinc helps to balance out the copper and enhance its healthful effects. Other copper vessels available on the market may not meet the purity standards of Tamba™ , and are primarily used for decoration, ceremonial purposes or alcoholic beverages (ie: Moscow Mule). Be cautious of products that claim 100% pure copper, as such products are rare and prohibitively expensive.

How long should water be stored in a Tamba™ vessel?

Water should be stored in the Tamba™ for 6-8 hours (i.e., overnight) to ensure maximum benefits.

What else can be stored in a Tamba™ vessel?

Only water should be stored in a Tamba™ . Room temperature water is recommended, not hot nor very cold.

How often should the Tamba™ vessel be used?

Clean, energized water is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Drinking up to 16 fl.oz daily of room temperature Tamba™ water can enhance your overall wellness.

Where should the Tamba™ vessel be kept?

Anywhere that is away from direct sunlight, at room temperature. Some people keep it in their kitchen, others bedside. Do what naturally comes to you.

How do you clean your Tamba™ vessel?

Real copper oxidizes and tarnishes in the face of oxygen and liquids. Clean the vessel naturally using lemon juice. These copper vessels are much stronger than those mighty citric acids. If you feel your cup or jug needs a deep cleaning, leave it soaking in lemon juice for longer. Click here for 5 easy steps to clean your copper vessel.

What’s the significance of using a copper cup?

For centuries yogis have used copper cups and vessels to naturally cleanse and energize water.  This practice also dates back to ancient Egypt and Aztec civilizations. It is believed that water stored in a copper vessel becomes purified thus enhancing better absorption through the cells. Among other health benefits, ionized water can help boost the immune system, increase metabolism, and enhance digestion.

What are the benefits of storing water in a copper cup?

Copper’s natural antimicrobial and antioxidant properties have been used for hundreds of years to stop the growth of harmful bacteria. According to the Center of Applied Microbiology and Research in England, disease-causing bacteria cannot survive for more than a few hours on copper surfaces. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has registered copper alloys permissible in public health claims for their inherent ability to kill 99.9% of common harmful organisms within two hours.

Is copper harmful?

The grade of copper used for the Tamba™ is not harmful. It is made of a higher grade than traditional uses of copper (such as water pipes and cookware). Copper absorbed by water stored in a Tamba™ are trace amounts and do not cause toxicity.  The copper released in the water (even after hours of sitting in the copper vessel) is lower than the  permissible limits of the EPA & WHO regulations. Use as recommended.