Why You Should Sit When Drinking Water, Not Stand

We all know the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day. And many are now learning how that road to optimal hydration can be eased, by drinking water stored in a copper water vessel, and reaping its numerous health benefits.  But did you know that...

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Avoid Drinking Moscow Mules From A Pure Copper Mug

We’ve all enjoyed the refreshing taste of a Moscow Mule on a hot summer's day, in those trendy copper mugs. But did you know that drinking alcohol from a copper mug can be upsetting to your health? The Food and Drug Administration’s Model Food Code “prohibits...

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4 Copper Cleaning Alternatives To Try- They’re Easy, Natural, And Quick

Slowly, but steadily, Millennials are embracing the modest benefits of using ayurveda water pitchers to store water. Along with having the many medicinal traits of being anti-microbial, and health enhancer, copper utensils are also treasured for its glamour. The beautiful hue of copper water containers never...

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Are You Using Your Ayurveda Copper Water Vessel Correctly?

Copper vessels had been a daily habit in most Asian countries until the 20th century, especially in India. Although a large number of people have remained loyal to this habit, many have switched to other metals. Once again, the times are changing and a plethora...

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Using Compassion Meditation To Heal The World

The world has gone through so much drama during the past few months, causing immense stress, especially to those affected by the current political climate. This unnecessary tension added to our everyday stressors can cause us to lose our temper faster on anyone and anything...

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Your Sleep Position Could be Affecting Your Health

A good night's sleep is one of nature's best medicines and crucial to our wellbeing. But did you know your sleep position can impact not only how well you sleep, but your overall health? According to the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, sleeping on your left...

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Give Your Body A Seasonal Tune-up In Just 21 Days

With any change in season, we update our wardrobes, and we shift our daily activities. Our eating habits are no exception. This is a perfect time to re-evaluate what we eat, and how we eat and set the tone for the rest of the year. As...

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