Drinking Water The Ayurvedic Way: 5 Practical Tips To Follow

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of Medicine has an interesting take on every aspect of our existence including food, exercise, seasons, body type, mental state, etc. Following the Ayurvedic practices has succored people in balancing the fast-paced environment and their body in the most peaceful...

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copper lota

Important facts about drinking water from a copper vessel

We have heard out grandparents reveal to us that drinking water stored in a copper water container is useful to our health. To such an extent that a few people have glasses and containers made of copper that they utilize solely to store and drink...

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Copper And Its Protective Shield For The Vata (Fall) Season

The leaves are transforming to all shades of yellow, orange, and red;  bringing with it the most majestic season.  The fall season, in Ayurveda, is known as Vata season. Ayurveda is extremely responsive to the change of seasons as it directly affects the functioning of...

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ayurveda copper mug

Get Answers To Your Copper Related ‘HOW TOs’

The time-tested antimicrobial properties of copper have helped it garner a great name in medical circles. Several medical institutes are leaping giant strides to weaken infections by mounting their patient rooms and operating theaters with copper alloy surfaces, replacing bed legs, chairs, tables, and door...

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Why You Should Sit When Drinking Water, Not Stand

We all know the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day. And many are now learning how that road to optimal hydration can be eased, by drinking water stored in a copper water vessel, and reaping its numerous health benefits.  But did you know that...

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Avoid Drinking Moscow Mules From A Pure Copper Mug

We’ve all enjoyed the refreshing taste of a Moscow Mule on a hot summer's day, in those trendy copper mugs. But did you know that drinking alcohol from a copper mug can be upsetting to your health? The Food and Drug Administration’s Model Food Code “prohibits...

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4 Copper Cleaning Alternatives To Try- They’re Easy, Natural, And Quick

Slowly, but steadily, Millennials are embracing the modest benefits of using ayurveda water pitchers to store water. Along with having the many medicinal traits of being anti-microbial, and health enhancer, copper utensils are also treasured for its glamour. The beautiful hue of copper water containers never...

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